Removable Computer Desk

Pre desk

Basic desk

Attachment clip

Brace attachment


Wire hole

We wanted a place to have the computer set up, and a bit of a desk.  When we bought the boat, the steps to the port side door had already been removed (pic 1), so it was the obvious place for the desk.  But we also wanted to be able to remove it, as it is the wider door used for getting any large items into the engine room.

All it took was a 24″ X 36″ piece of half-inch teak plywood, some trim pieces, a couple of 1″ X 1″ solid teak strips for braces, and a bit of hardware.  The plywood was shaped to the corner (as it is not square), the outside corner rounded, and a little finish work (pic 2 & 3).

Three clips hold the top tight to the wall, with a 45 degree brace for support on the aft end, also clip in place  (pic 4 & 5).  Set the top on the braces mounted to the wall  (pic 6), and it was ready to go.

I added an electrical outlet under the desk, which will run the computer and accessaries.  The outlet will be run off an inverter, so we are not dependent on shore or generator power for the computer.  An access hold in the back of the desk (pic 7), right above the outlet, allows most of the cabling to reside under the desk.

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