Circuit Panel Labels & Light

Circuit PanelDo you find yourself reading all the circuit breaker labels figuring out which ones go on when you get underway, or off when you leave the boat?  Well we did, and especially when it was new-to-us boat.  Then there was the double checking, just to make sure.  We decided to color code every breaker, well almost every one.  This was a project Paula took on, and what a help when you are leaving the boat, or the dock.  Just look down and turn on all blue breakers, or the green ones off.  Oh, but never the red ones.  Seems simple, but we found it to very helpful.  True, it is not always a 100% deal, but in “normal operations” (if there is such a thing on a boat) it works…at least for us.

We also found the labels were hard to read due to the lighting on our panel.  So we added a small LED light with a micro-switch so the light comes on when you open the door – no more looking for a flashlight.






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  1. I’m a new owner of old 1980 43DF. I liked this idea and your tool chest. Look forward to any other helpful hints to a first time traler owner.

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