WOW – 2018 Tiffin 33AA

Meet our first RV, a 15′ pop-up we called Chalet Verde, or CV for short. (Chalet was the brand name and the inside was green).  We had CV (which we could set up in 2 minutes flat) for 11 years after our backs no longer liked sleeping on the ground in a tent.  Room for two…as long as you both didn’t try to turn around at the same time but it was dry inside and had a decent bed.  When we decided to tour our country’s National Parks, we upgraded a little.  

Meet WOW, our new land yacht which we bought a few years after we sold our boat.  (Only one toy at a time – our motto.)  WOW is a 35′ 2018 Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA with a 260 HP Cummings diesel.

Why WOW?  Before we went to an RV show, a friend told us to look for the “wow factor” when choosing an RV.  This one had it for us!  Its full name is HT WOWLY – Happy TraVails Wandering Outside in the Wilderness Land Yacht.  Or Whisper on Wheels…or some other of many combinations of WOW words.  We’ll call it “WOW” for short.

Below is a pictorial walk-through.





Whisper in the captain’s chair

With 4 slides, we’ve been accused of having a dance floor!



Seating for 4 – but leg room for two

We appreciated the light cabinets and floor

Even a fireplace – for heat or just ambiance

The desk and end table used to be one desk…before Tom worked his magic

Just big enough

With a just big-enough shower; that way there’s no temptation to use too much water

There could be a stackable washer-dryer behind the sliding door, but we just opted for clothes storage

Paula sewed her magic with a National Park quilt and Tom brightened the room with a headboard of the backing fabric


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