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Generally speaking, planned giving options are used when there is a desire to generate a tax deduction due to events like selling of real estate or a business, liquidating an annuity, or in the case of a significant income level. There are numerous ways to donate funds to Canyon Ministries, many of which provide immediate and/or long-term tax benefits. Some provide funds while still living, while others are designated from your estate. Below is a list of just some of the options (click on the option for a summary.).

Beneficiary/bequest designations

Paula's health issues

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We recommend you consult a tax or estate planning professional if you are considering any of these options. If you do not currently have a professional advisor, or would like to have a specialist work with your advisor, we can recommend Randy Huston, a Certified Financial Planner with Yellowstone Trust Administration who specializes in Charitable and Planned Giving, and Estate Planning. Randy has no financial connection with Canyon Ministries and there is no change for his planning services. If you would like to contact Randy, please fill out the information below and he will get back to you.


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